Work in an environment that challenges me to continue learning, at the same time be able to lead and grow with any team I work with. To create a workspace that is in continual growth with opportunities of advancement.



May 2015 – Present

Watch Dogs 2 2016
Senior Lighting Artist

Environment and in-game cinematics lighting.

Far Cry Primal 2015
Senior Lighting Artist

Environment and cinematic lighting.

Eidos/ Square Enix

June 2012 – May 2015
Character and environment lighter for next generation consoles and PC, working closely with the art director and gameplay team. Creating lighting within the game that not only enhances the visual impact, but acts as a game play guide for the player.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider
Senior Lighting Artist

Responsible for the lighting for the current project in the Montreal division, for character and environment lighting.

Cinematic and in game cinematic lighting.  Supervise the work from the cinematic team in order to provide cohesion throughout the game.

Setting lighting mood for story and game play purpose.

Working closely with other divisions to achieve a global cohesive vision, ie; FX and gameplay.

Lighting streaming and debugging any lighting related issues also ensuring lighting is on budget and working with engineers for lighting tools and optimization.

Set lighting best practices for current project as well as documentation.

On screen graphical overwrites and cube map generation for reflection maps.

Thief 4
Lighting Artist

I was in charge of cinematic lighting for environments and characters, some of these cinematics were both in game and pre rendered.

Collaborating with the FX department, to achieve a cohesive vision between the pre rendered and in game cinematic.

Making sure that assets are on same level as the rest of the environment, maintaining a visual cohesion set by the art director, as lighting is on the end of the pipeline.

Worked with art director not only to set lighting goals but set camera DOF.


Environment and character lighter for next generation games and Wii titles.  Ensuring the vision of the art director translates into the environment using a variety of in house tools, and developing new techniques to satisfy each project’s needs.

Electronic Arts

Lighting Artist

FIFA 13 (PS3 & XBOX 360)  Environment Lighting (2012)
SSX (PS3 & XBOX 360) Global lighting (2012)
FIFA 12 (PS3 & XBOX 360)  Environment Lighting (2011)
Fight Night Champion (PS3 & XBOX 360)  Environment Lighting and Character Lighting (2010)
NHL 11 (PS3 & XBOX 360)  Environment Lighting & Modelling (2010) – Lighting Lead
NHL Slapshot (Wii)  Environment Lighting & Modelling (2010)
FIFA World Cup 2010 (PS3 & XBOX 360)  Environment Lighting (2010)
Tennis Grand Slam 09 (Wii)  Environment Lighting Lead (2009)
March Madness 09 (PS3 &XBOX 360) Environment Lighting (2008)
NBA Live 09 (PS3 & XBOX 360)  Environment Lighting (2008)
Facebreaker (PS3 & XBOX 360)  Environment Lighting (2008)
NBA Live 08 (PS3 & XBOX 360)  Environment Lighting (2007)

 Bardel Entertainment

Lighting Technical Director

Lighting characters and environments as well as problem-solving technical issues for the animated series “Viva Piñata” on its first season.


  • 3D Animation and visual effects program – Vancouver Film School , Vancouver BC Canada, 2005 – 2006
  • Industrial Design, Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Guadalajara Jal México, 2000 – 2004
  • Maya
  • Mental Ray
  • Unreal Engine
  • XSI
  • Photoshop
  • Zbrush
  • After Effects
  • Premiere Pro